Battlefield 2042 won’t include battle royale, but there are 2 mystery modes

Battlefield 2042 has given us a lot to talk about: It’s doubling the usual player count (two teams of 64 for a total of 128 players per match) and totally changing the typical Battlefield class system. The near-future setting barely feels important. It’s pretty much the opposite of the Battlefield 5 reveal, which focused on that game’s WW2 setting, granular details like character animation, and the E3 announcement that a battle royale mode was in development. Case in point: There’s definitely no battle royale mode this time.

During a presentation last week, DICE said both that no battle royale mode is in development for Battlefield 2042 and that no battle royale mode is planned, in case there was ambiguity in the first statement. And they want us all to know that Hazard Zone, one of two unrevealed modes, is not a battle royale mode, even if the name kind of makes it sound like one.

Source Pcgamer

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