IBM accused of chasing ‘a quick payday’ with $2.5B damages against AMD’s OG chip maker

One-time AMD fab limb, GlobalFoundries, is laying the litigation down on IBM to escape the $2.5 billion damages Big Blue is trying to squeeze out of it just ahead of its initial public offering (IPO). That, it states, is the prime driver behind IBM’s recent demands with the company only looking for “a quick payday.” 

It’s all about a deal between the GlobalFoundries and IBM from back in 2014 where the contract chip manufacturer agreed to take over some of IBM’s old, unprofitable fabs for the sum of $1.5 billion and some return manufacturing. GlobalFoundries was then going to become IBM’s exclusive chip maker for some of its parts in exchange for a sneaky peek at the other company’s extensive silicon IP.

Source Pcgamer

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