Loki Easter egg might have already set up Marvel’s next Thanos-level villain

Loki spoiler warning! The following contains discussion of the Disney Plus show’s opening episode – turn back now if you have not seen it!

The TVA is on the hunt for someone or something causing chaos across time in Loki – and an Easter egg from the premiere might have just heavily hinted at the mystery figure’s identity: major Marvel villain, Kang the Conqueror.

At the very end of the Loki premiere, the Minutemen stumble across a scene of destruction and a hooded figure in 19th Century Oklahoma. There, they scan a futuristic-looking weapon and discover it has temporal signatures in line with the “third millennium.”

Loki Kang the Conqueror

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Not only is that further forward than any point we’ve seen in the MCU, it’s also typically the origin point for Kang the Conqueror. Kang, for the uninitiated, is a time travelling supervillain who hails from the 31st Century; he laments his current Earth’s fate and decides to travel back in time to conquer Earth when it was in its prime during the age of heroes. In terms of power, potential, and ambition, he’s matched only by Thanos and a select few in the comics, and that should translate to the big (and small) screen at Marvel Studios.

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