Valheim patch makes serpents braver and restores two bugged events

The latest patch for Iron Gate Studios’ Valheim fixes a bunch of minor issues, including a previously unnoticed bug that had stopped two in-game events triggering as they should. Patch 0.154.1 is “one of our beloved fixer upper patches. Besides fixing some bugs and minor issues we found that some of our main random events never triggered as expected.”

These events occur randomly when you’re wandering around the sun-dappled Viking uplands, and most typically involve a bunch of monsters turning up to have a pop for a few minutes. Sure enough the two that weren’t triggering are called ‘you are being hunted’ and ‘the horde is attacking’, the former being wolves in the mountains, and the latter seeing a fuling army attack (the little goblin dudes). So: more things to poke with sharp sticks.

Source Pcgamer

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